Sunday, November 16, 2008

CRIME Update at AAMC

At the 2008 AAMC annual meeting, I gave an update on CRIME for the WGEA leadership. Here are the basics:

attendance at our Spring WGEA CRIME meeting was 30 members from 17 different schools

attendance at our Fall AAMC CRIME planning meeting was 17 attendees from 12 different schools (UCSF, Stanford, UC Davis, U Alabama, U BC, U Washington, USC, Loma Linda, UCLA, U New Mexico, UCSD, others)

Collaborations with other groups to push forward our mission of improving educational technology.
- Participated in the 2008 GIR Annual Meeting planning committee and presented sessions.
- Participated in GIR focus groups on learning spaces as well as helped author Learning Management Systems document.
- Members co-presented an e-portfolio session and learning spaces session at the AAMC annual meeting.
- Another LIME/CRIME/GIR collaboration on lecture recordings is getting started.

New hot topics for CRIME
- administrative systems (Scheduling, student info)
- Simulation space technologies (defining spaces, tech inside, standards, interoperability)

New CRIME blog:

Chandler Mayfield is CRIME Boss-elect, and takes over as Boss after WGEA 2009

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