Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Portal of Geriatric Online Education: A free public repository of geriatric educational tools

Guest post by: Jared Rejeski, Managing Editor, Portal of Geriatric Online Education

Since the inception of the Portal of Geriatric Online Education ( in 2004, the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation funded geriatric educational repository has been growing in terms of both content and ease of use. The site, also supported by the John A. Hartford Foundation, is designed to provide a central access point for all your needs to teach geriatric content. POGOe offers PowerPoints, lectures, virtual patients, podcasts, journal templates, pocket cards, and a wide variety of other formats for encouraging geriatric learning among the medical community. Maybe you have seen some of the products on POGOe, such as: Elder Care, University of Arizona’s continuing series of practical, evidence based, Provider Fact Sheets which summarize key geriatric topics; Incontinence Bingo, a University of San Francisco Interactive bingo game; or University of Hawaii’s Standardized Patients Cases; or University of Iowa’s Virtual Patients. Products come from San Francisco, Arizona, Utah, Chicago, Kansas, New York, Miami, Canada, Germany, and Australia, just to name a few; and the topic areas cover nearly all the topics of modern day geriatrics. An exciting new feature that will be coming very soon, and which will greatly ease the process of sorting through POGOe, is the matching of products to the AAMC Minimum Geriatric Competencies for Medical Students (also available on POGOe). These standards give medical schools a base level of competency to aim toward, and the idea of minimum competencies is quickly spreading to other fields such as Internal Medicine/Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Cardiology.

Because the omnipotent and ubiquitous Google search would just not quite capture the intricacies of medical lingo, POGOe utilizes one of the most efficient informatics tool developed to date as its search engine – KnowledgeMap. This concept mapping software, developed by the Bioinformatics Department at Vanderbilt University, enables users to search by concepts rather than by specific key words. This breakthrough technology allows one to enter “mad cow disease” and the program reads it as, and searches for, “bovine encephalopathy,” or if one types in “ui,” KnowledgeMap searches for “urinary incontinence”. The new and improved search functions are a key asset to the functionality and individuality of POGOe.

Whether you’re looking for teaching material, interactive activities, simple pocket cards, interactive games, mp3 audio lectures, virtual patients, video lectures, secure test materials, or any other educational resource, POGOe is the place for you. Help us turn the dissemination of geriatric educational material from rill to river, from nasal cannula to hyperbaric oxygen chamber – visit and post your products on POGOe today!

Jared Rejeski
Managing Editor, Portal of Geriatric Online Education

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