Thursday, February 19, 2009

Invitation to Take IMS Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends Survey

Just a quick reminder that the IMS GLC Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends Survey is still open. IMS opened this survey in late 2008; and, so far, we have received great feedback from North American HE institutions as to their satisfaction with up to 22 categories of learning technologies (products and services) – and we are starting to see trends evolve in new technology adoption.

Here is the link to the survey page:

Product/service providers: Please share this link with your HE clients to help increase the response rates and support the overall quality of the survey. Thank you!

HE institutions: If you haven’t taken this survey yet, please support these efforts by passing the link to your colleagues, either inter- or intra-institutionally. Your feedback and support is much appreciated.

Thanks to the following organizations for their help in creating LearnSAT 2009:

University of Maryland University College
Campus Management

LearnSAT Background

The Learning Technology Satisfaction and Trends ( LearnSAT) report and underlying research are conducted to help inform a new and rapidly evolving marketplace in the use of technology to support teaching and learning. Those responsible for implementing and supporting solutions in this new marketplace have very little information other than that supplied by vendors as to the level of satisfaction obtained. This research series attempts to fill that gap. A very unique aspect of this research is that it also looks at trends in how these technologies are being used and supported, as well as the technologies themselves. It is based on over two years of research uncovering best practices for success in Internet-Supported learning.The IMS Global Learning Consortium LearnSAT is the learning community's number one source for satisfaction and trends in the use of technology to support learning.

Thank you,

John Falchi
Chief Program Strategist
IMS Global Learning Consortium

Take the IMS GLC Learning Technology Satisfaction Survey:

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