Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Digital Signage: Beyond Campus Emergency Notification

Digital Signage: Beyond Campus Emergency Notification

* By Linda L Briggs
* 07/08/09

Digital signage systems often come to mind as part of a campus emergency notification system. But they actually have far more prosaic uses on numerous campuses, where they are used daily to inform and even entertain students on a variety of issues.

At Santa Clara University, in the heart of California's Silicon Valley, a new digital signage system is tied into the university's emergency communications plan, but day-to-day use is where the system is excelling so far.

More than 20 digital signage devices from Cisco are in place in the university's new business school, which opened in fall 2008, as well a learning commons area. Now, according to CIO Ron Danielson, Santa Clara plans to expand the new signage system into the student center, replacing an older digital signage system there, as well as into the law school.

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